At the Nursery

We grow alot of our product from scratch that means a softwood cutting taken in the begining of the summer. We root the cuttings then shift them up through a series of containers till they are ready to go to the field.  The next step is planting them in the field where we wait until they are ready to be balled and burlapped to bring to market.

What we do at the Nursery 

This picture on the left shows a crop of Viburnum x  juddi at two years old. The plants will stay in these containers till Late summer, then they will be planted in the field where they will grow  until we dig them up for sale. Let's not forget that plants grown locally will have a much greater chance of success than plants that come from out fo state. Almost all the plants that you buy in the big box home improvment stores are grown out of state in some cases three climit zones away. Also coming from far away they try to reduce the weight of the plant and that means the root ball size is made smaller which slows down the recovery of the newly trans planted plant. Another reson is soil from out of our area is just not the same. Not to beat a dead horse but next time you are at home  depot look at the condition of the ball to see how much care was given ot the most important part of the plant and if it looks like a pancake maybe you shouldn't buy it. We try to give the customer the best chance at success with well cared for plants.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve your surronding with plants that make you feel good about your yard . Also pass along some knowledge about the plants and have fun doing it as well.

In my opinion a plants job is to give the gardener a feeling of pride and acompishment, kinda like parenting  but with a more predicable outcome. Pretty plants are good medicine for the soul.

Gardening 101


There is alot that goes into our plants before they get to your house. First rooting then transplanting then transplanting again the digging, to finally planting in your yard.