Events & Workshops

This should be a fun year come see us.

Gardening 101

April 25


I'm going to be hosting a series of instuctional videos about gardening on YOU TUBE to help gardeners of all skill levels get the most out of their yards. I hope you will visit the posting and see if they help you . Please Email me your comments or questions about the presentations.  The first one will be about soil prepreration, because like I say "It all starts in the dirt". I will post te link to you tube as soon as we have it ready.

Northfield Farmers Market

7-12 pm  Saturday from May -September

My Whole family has been working the Northfield farmers market for the last 10 years. We bring a full line of 5 gal. shrubs such as Hydrangea 'Quickfire' to B&B Boxwood and many types of perrenials in bloom. Come see the quality of the plants for yourself and if we don't have we can most likly bring it the next week.